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Why we are different

You want more effective leadership, engaged talent and efficient processes. You are not willing to maintain the status quo just because it’s comfortable. You are willing to take the uncomfortable path of change because you know the results will be rewarding. You want your employees to be both satisfied with their work and contributing to the overall mission. You have a desire to invest in their development because you know it creates loyalty and retention. Melo Vivere partners with start-ups, small businesses and non-profits to help navigate this path. We work alongside your organization to inspire a new way of approaching challenges, a new way of thinking about your people and how you do business. We’re redefining business as usual.


We specialize in small

We have partnered, exclusively, with small business and non-profit organizations for over 10 years. We understand the specific needs and challenges you experience and will develop solutions tailored just for you.


We are a catalyst for change

We believe that changes in thinking can change behavior and have a ripple effect throughout your organization. Our goal is to be the spark that provides new ideas so you have the tools and resources to be your best.


We are holistic problem-solvers

One size does not fit all and we think too many organizations get “band-aid” solutions. We understand the layers to challenges and problems. Our analysis of the environment and individual, that looks beyond the symptoms, helps us find the underlying causes and contributing factors so that we can implement effective solutions.


We believe in simplicity

Solutions don’t have to be complicated. It’s that simple.


How we’re changing the way you do business

Organizational Strategy and Planning

  • You are a start-up needing a mission and guiding principles to lay a foundation for your company
  • You are an organization going through change and growth and unsure how to get your people on board
  • You are looking at the big picture and wondering how everyone’s needs fit into the equation

We are your strategic partner in working through the challenges and reaching your goals. The result is an impactful culture as well as a strong infrastructure to support growth and change.

Getting The Best From Your Leaders

  • Your leaders have a proven track record of being effective individual contributors but struggle with the people side of management
  • Your leaders are thinking about leadership styles rather than leadership philosophy and guiding values
  • Your leaders are so busy being reactive they don’t have time to be strategic and proactive

Leaders need to understand how their individual thinking patterns impact behavior, decisions and perceptions. We focus on the importance of understanding the psychology of human thinking and behavior to give leaders strategies and tools that will help them cultivate results both personally and through their teams.

Discovering Solutions Through Conversation

  • You are an executive needing a sounding board to work through your own challenges of leadership
  • You are a new leader wondering where to begin on how to be most effective for your team
  • You are an individual contributor needing guidance on how to be your individual best while contributing to team success

Coaching, at its core, is a simple conversation. It’s asking questions, listening, and giving an individual the space to explore obstacles and answer their own questions. In coaching, it’s all about you discovering solutions. You are the key. Coaching benefits extend beyond the individual to the team in which they work and the organization as a whole. Every level thrives.

Creating Teams That Work Smarter

  • Your teams’ dynamics are changing and people are struggling with the change
  • Your teams at times work around each other instead of with each other which slows down process and productivity.
  • Your team is having conflict and you think an outing will solve the problems

Team development is not about “trust falls”; it is dynamic and ongoing. Understanding how your team’s thinking patterns impact communication and collaboration is key to success. A team that functions well together significantly contributes more to productivity and organizational goals. They are not just surviving, they are thriving.

HBDI- Whole Brain Thinking

  • You spend time and money trying to understand people’s behavior with no practical application or tangible results
  • You find that people often misperceive others’ behavior which causes miscommunication and misunderstanding
  • Your people are tired of being defined by a letter, animal or archetype

Whole Brain ® Thinking is different. The model, based in neuroscience, identifies thinking patterns, habits, and ways we process information. Because thinking is the foundation for behavior, the results can then be applied to growth strategy, problem-solving, decision-making and even how meetings are run. The facilitation provides user-friendly concepts and practical applications which makes it valuable to any organization that wants to get the best out of their talent and impact the way things are done.

Our Process

Your partner from start to finish

Initial Consultation

Let’s meet over a cup of coffee and discuss your organization, vision and goals. During the initial consultation, we will identify preliminary strategies and map out a plan and timeline.

Strategic Proposal

After thorough analysis of where you are vs. where you want to be, a tailored strategic proposal will be provided to you for review, feedback and commitment. We will partner to ensure solutions are effective for your organization.

Melo Vivere Process implementation


Here is where we will put into action the solutions to help your business or organization thrive. We will implement with your unique needs in mind that will support your culture and vision as well as make the greatest impact on your people and processes.

Action plan icon for targeted goals

Monitoring Success

Changes take time and commitment. You will create action plans and timelines to monitor success of organizational wide projects as well as individual and team development. We will be your accountability partner.


A few of our favorite things

What we're reading

The Power of Moments by Chip Heath & Dan Heath

The authors explore why certain experiences can change us and how to create these moments in our lives

Who we're listening to

NPR's Hidden Brain

Science and storytelling is used to show how the facets of our brain influences thoughts and behaviors

Who we're excited about

Noah Reid

Music has many benefits including improving cognition and memory. One of our current favorite albums is ``Songs from a Broken Chair``.

Ideas that spark change

Shift Your Thinking- adapted from ``The Whole Brain Business Book``

Think of a room in your house and imagine it from the perspective of an interior designer, a thief, a real estate agent and a housekeeper.


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